There has been a lot going on at Websites Made Easy recently, so rather than send a series of emails we thought we’d put together a single email with all of the updates.

We would appreciate if you could share this email with your colleagues that need to be aware of any of these matters.

1. Preethi Nagarajan
Firstly Preethi left our WSME team on Friday 31st August to further her career in a more advanced technical direction. We thank Preethi for her 2½ years of fantastic work and commitment to WSME and our clients. We’re sad to see her go and wish her all the best.

2. New Manager – WSME
Secondly Monica Tattersall has joined the WSME team as Manager from late July and has been working alongside Preethi and the WSME team for the past 6 weeks to ensure a smooth transition and handover. Monica has 25+ years’ experience with scoping, project management, delivery and marketing requirements for website projects. Her experience is a great asset to WSME and our clients going forward. Monica is keen to meet clients in person or over the phone/ video meeting over the next few weeks to introduce herself and discuss your business objectives and how these can be met via your website and various online methods. If you would like to contact Monica in the meantime her email address is

3. New Owners
WSME has new ownership from 1 September 2018.The new owners have many years’ experience in the IT space and will bring a wealth of expertise and ideas. The plan is to grow the business and offer more services to our existing and future clients. From a client perspective, the same staff, services and contact details (phone and email) remain in place. Please note that WSME will also continue their ‘close’ relationship with SecureCom and the technical services and expertise they add to many of our clients’ projects. WSME will stay in the same office at Penrose in the same building as SecureCom.

4. GST and Bank details
From 1 September 2018 we will have a new GST number and bank account – please change these details in your systems and we’d appreciate if you could ensure future payments are paid to the new bank account.

It would be appreciated if you could include your company name and invoice number in any online payments in order for us to reconcile things at this end.

For clarity; Invoices dated up to and including 31 August, 2018 should be paid to the old WSME bank account. Invoices from 1 September, 2018 inclusive should be paid to the new bank account.

To make it easier to spot which invoices are which, all Invoice numbers from 10,000 onwards relate to the new owners so we would appreciate if you could please pay those to the new bank account. Details as follows:
Bank Account Number 1/9/2018 : 12-3109-0051753-00
If you use Paypal or Credit Card for payments to us, there are no changes.
Also our new GST Number from 1/9/2018 is: 126-366-590

5. Planned Maintenance
We are upgrading our hosting services this Thursday 6 September – for some of our clients who host their websites with us, there will be some down time no longer than 30mins between 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

6.SSL Certificates
In the past few months we have sent emails regarding the new requirements Google has for SSL certificates on all websites, not just ecommerce websites.

Please check if your website is secure and starts with https://
If not contact us via  we will advise best options.

7. Google Maps
Recently Google changed aspects regarding the inclusion of Google Maps on websites. The error message sometime displayed is a lot more common since Google Maps started requiring an API key on June 22, 2016 (after about 10 years of allowing keyless use). If you started using Google Maps on your website on or after that date, you will need to sign up for and implement an API key (older users still do not need a key).

If you have a Google Map on your website, please check that it is still displaying correctly. If it has an error message, please contact us via  we will advise what is needed to correct this ‘error’.

If you need further information or have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact Monica or any of the WSME team.

Kind Regards,

The WSME Team 
0800 743 729 




Monday, September 3, 2018

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