From 1 September 2018 we will have a new GST number and bank account – please change these details in your systems and we’d appreciate if you could ensure future payments are paid to the new bank account.

It would be appreciated if you could include your company name and invoice number in any online payments in order for us to reconcile things at this end.

For clarity; Invoices dated up to and including 31 August, 2018 should be paid to the old WSME bank account. Invoices from 1 September, 2018 inclusive should be paid to the new bank account.

To make it easier to spot which invoices are which, all Invoice numbers from 10,000 onwards relate to the new owners so we would appreciate if you could please pay those to the new bank account. Details as follows:
Bank Account Number 1/9/2018 : 12-3109-0051753-00
If you use Paypal or Credit Card for payments to us, there are no changes.
Also our new GST Number from 1/9/2018 is: 126-366-590

Friday, September 7, 2018

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